Emergency Medical Insurance

Protect yourself against unexpected illnesses or injuries while you’re away from home with Emergency Medical Insurance. Available for all ages as a Single Trip or Multi Trip Annual plan, it’s ideal for Canadian residents travelling outside of their home province. This insurance lets you travel with confidence, knowing you’ll be protected when you need it most. From hospital treatment, to emergency dental care, to return of an accompanying pet, travel medical insurance for emergencies is the way to go!

Please Select the Product that best suits your travel plans

Travel insurance covers claims arising from sudden and unexpected situations (i.e. accidents and emergencies and typically not follow-up or recurrent care).

To qualify for this insurance, you must meet all of the eligibility requirements.

This insurance contains limitations and/or exclusions (i.e. pre-existing medical conditions that are not stable, pregnancy, child born on trip, excessive use of alcohol, high risk activities).

This insurance may not cover claims related to pre-existing medical conditions, whether disclosed or not at time of policy purchase. It is your responsibility to review the pre-existing medical condition exclusions and stability requirements, understand how they apply to you and how they relate to your departure date, date of purchase and/or effective date.

In the event of a claim, your prior medical history may be reviewed.

If you have been asked to complete a Medical Questionnaire and any of your answers are not accurate or complete, an extra deductible may apply.

If your health changes after you have purchased your insurance, you are not required to call to update your Medical Questionnaire (if applicable) or modify your application. However, your health change may affect your coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and you may choose to contact us to review pre-existing medical condition coverage and discuss whether other coverage options are available.

To request a quote, please fill out our online application on our Instant Quote page, or Call Us during business hours at 1-800-387-0339 or 905-493-5060

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