Travel Insurance

"One size does not fit all" when it comes to Travel Insurance.  Like other types of insurance, various factors, depending on the individual, means that one product that works best for one person may not be best for another. This couldn’t be more true as time goes by and medical questionnaires become more specific and complicated and rates are always changing.

Buying travel insurance coverage from a brokerage with over 20 years of experience ensures that you are getting the best advice and best options from the experts. We have preferred relationships with multiple insurance companies, and we utilize short consultation and ask a number of general questions about your trip, age, and  general medical questions about conditions and medications. Once we have the information we need, we will look at all of our travel insurance products to find the best coverage and price.

You appreciate our diligence – and we thank you for your business and trust. The countless referrals in the last 20 years are the biggest compliments we receive!

There are many factors for which a travel insurance company determines rates, and they vary across the board. Some products will group you into a category, which is limited and sometimes more expensive. Other products determine rates but utilizing algorithms and apply ing surcharges as a percentage depending on medical conditions, medications, stability, age, and duration.

We have a number of different travel insurance products available, including:

Single Trip

Annual Multi Trip

All Inclusive

Trip Cancellation & Interruption



Expatriate and Inpatriate

Visitors to Canada

When purchasing Travel Insurance, we need to determine your Age, your Trip Duration and discuss Health history to provide us a direction to lead us to the best plan for you. Our online application form (link) is comprehensive and allows us to know which plan works for you.

Depending on your individual circumstances we can recommend a plan that is issued instantly without a medical questionnaire, needs the completion of a medical questionnaire, a plan that covers everything except your pre-existing medical conditions or an option for special individual medical underwriting.

With so many plans and options available in the marketplace, trust our expertise to find a plan perfect for you! Obtain a Quote and hear back from us by the next business day, or Purchase Online!

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