Trip Cancellation & Interruption

A trip or vacation is an investment often made months in advance. Flights, cruises, hotels, all-inclusive vacations, or a combination of some or all require deposits or final payments well in advance. To protect that investment in case of unforeseen circumstances, we recommend Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption insurance.

Trip Cancellation insurance is going to protect you should you need to cancel your trip because of an unforeseen illness or diagnosis of a medical condition that you, your travel companion, a loved one, a key employee, or caregiver suffer from.  If something happens and the doctor writes a note stating that you cannot travel, this insurance will reimburse the costs you paid for your trip.  This insurance also covers delays, schedule changes and misconnections involved with your trip (terms and conditions apply), default of the travel supplier, and various other unexpected risks including, but not limited to, pregnancy complications, government advisories, unexpected employment or and occupation changes, and more.

The Trip Interruption aspect of this insurance will cover you in the event your trip is interrupted after your departure for the same insured risks. It will pay for you to get a flight home and also reimburse you for the unused, non-refundable travel arrangements should you need to return to your home province.

This coverage is incredibly important when a trip is booked well in advance and the price is best when it is purchased within 7-days of a non-refundable deposit, a deposit with penalties, or a final payment (whichever comes first).

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