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Snowbirds are travellers who go south to escape the winter. Often, these types of travellers opt to go somewhere warm for extended periods of time, usually at least a couple of months and up to 6 months, or 182 days. This has been a specialty of GetAwayInsured since we started as a travel insurance brokerage over 20 years ago.

As described on our Single Trip page, insurance providers mitigate risk and determine premiums differently. Daily rates from product to product can vary greatly based on these important factors:

  • Age
  • Trip Duration
  • Medical Conditions
  • Stability of Medical Conditions (new diagnosis or medication change of any kind)
  • Deductible preference
  • Whether or not a Guaranteed Stability Option rider is necessary

All of the above factors affect the price and speaking to an expert at GetAwayInsured is the fastest and safest way to know that you are purchasing a product that will cover you and to assure you are getting the right price for that coverage when you travel. This is especially important for Snowbirds given that the cost of daily premiums for long trips are expensive and vary greatly in price from one product to another.

We have been finding the right product for Snowbirds since day one, and 20 years later we receive numerous referrals from our clients. Snowbirds trust us and appreciate our service enough to tell their friends to call for their own travel insurance.  We help everyone to the best of our ability to make sure we obtain medical information thoroughly to find the best product at the right price.

With over a dozen products designed with Snowbirds in mind.  Let the experts save you time, save you money, and give you peace of mind that you will be covered for your extended stay away from Canada’s frigid winters.

To request a quote, please fill out our online application on our Instant Quote page, or Call Us during business hours at 1-800-387-0339 or 905-493-5060