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Golden Age Insurance Inc. Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement and Commitment

Golden Age Insurance Inc. “GAI” values your business and we thank you for your confidence in choosing our firm as your source of advice and products. As our client, you trust us with your personal information. We respect that trust and want you to be aware of our commitment to protect the information you share in the course of doing business with us. This document outlines our practice with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

What we will not do with your information

We do not sell or share client information with organizations outside of our relationship with you that would use it to contact you about their own products or services.

Personal Information We Collect

GAI and its agents and representatives collect personal information in a number of circumstances in the course of conducting our business. Personal information we may collect includes:

  • name, address, email address, telephone number, and other contact information;
  • age, birth date, gender, height and weight;
  • medical history including medical conditions, treatment and prescriptions, hospitalizations, etc., medical records, OHIP/GHIP numbers, physician information;
  • travel plans, travel history, periods of time you will be travelling, details about existing travel medical insurance coverage;
  • credit card numbers;
  • information about your insurance claims or claims history; and
  • such other information we may collect with your consent or as permitted or required by law. We generally collect personal information directly from you, for example, from application forms that you fill out for our insurance products and services, or when you communicate with us by telephone, email or in person. We may also collect personal information about you from other sources, such as other insurance brokers or travel agents.
  • Use of Personal Information

    GAI generally uses personal information to manage and administer our business, including to understand your insurance needs, communicate with you effectively and to provide you with the products and services you request. For example, we may use your personal information to:

  • determine your eligibility for, offer and/or provide you with insurance products and services that you request;
  • verify your identity;
  • determine prices, fees and premiums including by evaluating your coverage needs and assessing risk;
  • maintain, administer, collect, service and renew your account(s) and assess your ongoing needs for insurance products and services;
  • determine your eligibility for and offer and provide other products or services that may be of interest to you, such as other insurance products or travel related products or opportunities, unless you ask us not to;
  • compile statistics and conduct market research;
  • maintain business records for reasonable periods;
  • meet legal, regulatory, self-regulatory, insurance, security and processing requirements; and
  • otherwise with consent or as permitted or required by law.
  • Disclosure of Your Personal Information

    As necessary to carry out the purposes for which GAI collects and uses your personal information, GAI may disclose your personal information to third parties, such as other insurance brokers, insurers, claims adjusters, government, regulatory and self-regulatory agencies, lawyers, financial institutions, benefits providers and medical professionals, and others involved in the claims handling process in accordance with legal and insurance regulatory reporting requirements or standard accepted insurance brokerage and insurance practices. GAI may also disclose your personal information with your consent or as permitted or required by law.

    Your Consent

    GAI collects, uses and discloses your personal information with your consent, except as permitted or required by law. You understand that when requesting a quote for travel insurance or other insurance product, you imply consent by answering the required questions whether by phone, in person, via email, on an application or online. We may be required or permitted under statute or regulation to collect, use or disclose personal information without your consent, for example to comply with a court order, to comply with local, provincial or federal regulations or a legally permitted inquiry by a government agency, or to collect a debt owed to us.

    Consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information may be given in various ways. Consent can be express (for example, orally or on a form you may sign describing the intended uses and disclosures of personal information) or implied (for example, when you provide information necessary for a service you have requested). You may provide your consent in some circumstances where notice has been provided to you about our intentions with respect to your personal information and you have not withdrawn your consent for an identified purpose, such as by using an “opt out” option provided, if any. Consent may be given by your authorized representative (such as a legal guardian or a person having a power of attorney). Generally, by providing us with personal information either directly or through our agents or others requesting an insurance quote on your behalf, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of such information for the purposes identified or described in this Privacy Statement, if applicable, or otherwise at the time of collection.

    If you obtain insurance for a family member or other third party or otherwise provide personal information concerning a third party, including a family member, for example by naming him/her as a beneficiary, you represent that you have obtained any necessary consent to our collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal information for the purposes described above.

    You may withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of personal information at any time, subject to contractual and legal restrictions and reasonable notice. There may be consequences to failing to provide or withdrawing your consent, such as your inability to acquire or renew an insurance policy and/or cancellation of a policy. Note also that where we have provided or are providing services to you, your consent will be valid for so long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Statement or otherwise at the time of collection, and you may not be permitted to withdraw consent to certain necessary uses and disclosures (for example, but not limited to, maintaining reasonable business and transaction records and disclosures to Canadian and foreign government entities as required to comply with laws).


    We take reasonable physical, organizational and technological security measures to safeguard the personal information in our custody or control. These include safeguards to protect personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. Authorized employees, agents and mandataries of GAI who require access to your personal information in order to fulfill their job requirements will have access to your personal information.

    Access, Correction and Contacting Us

    Hub may establish and maintain a file of your personal information for the purposes described above. Subject to applicable legal restrictions, you may request to have access to the file containing your personal information and the correction of your personal information by writing to the address below. We may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections. In addition, if you wish to make inquiries or complaints, obtain information on how to access and rectify the files held by personal information agents we consulted or have other concerns about our personal information practices you may write to the address below. Please include your name, address, telephone number and email address whenever you contact us, including by email. This helps us handle your request correctly.

    Golden Age Insurance Inc.
    901 Brock St S Whitby, ON L1N 4L5

    Privacy Statement Changes

    This Privacy Statement may be revised from time to time. If we intend to use or disclose personal information for purposes materially different than those described in this statement, we will make reasonable efforts to notify affected individuals, if necessary, including by revising this Privacy Statement. If you are concerned about how your personal information is used, you should contact us as described above to obtain a current copy of this statement. We urge you to request and review this Privacy Statement frequently to obtain the current version. Your continued provision of Personal Information or use of our products or services following any changes to this Privacy Statement constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. This Privacy Statement is effective as of September 1, 2021.

    Travel Insurance Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

    THIA, Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada, has developed a Bill of Rights that we abide by. The Travel Insurance Bill of Rights and Responsibilities builds upon the following key elements of travel health insurance:

    1. Understand your travel insurance policy – Insurance providers have staff available to answer any questions related to policies
    2. Know your health and consult a health care provider if you have any questions
    3. Know your trip - How long will you be gone? Are you a snowbird? Will you be travelling many times during the year?

    Under THIA’s Travel Insurance Bill of Rights and Responsibilities travellers have the right to:
    1. A No Obligation Purchase:Travel insurance providers will allow a minimum 10-day free review of the policy.
    2. Be Informed:You will receive your policy documentation and confirmation of coverage outlining the policy terms and conditions whether purchased in person, over the phone or online.
    3. Request Clarification:You may ask questions about the travel insurance you have purchased.
    4. Review & Modify Medical Screening:You will receive a copy of the answers you provided on the medical questionnaire prior to the start of your policy.
    5. Receive Worldwide Assistance & Toll-free Support: You have 24/7 access to the help you need when you need it from your travel insurance provider.
    6. Fair & Prompt Claims Handling: You will have a timely and transparent communication process.
    7. Escalate & Appeal: You may challenge decisions and request additional reviews with new information.
    8. Confidentiality: Your personal information will be protected in all dealings with your travel insurance provider.
    9. Know Your Insurer: Your policy will clearly identify the underwriter of your travel insurance and the process to file and resolve complaints.
    10. Your Preferred Language: You may transact and correspond about all components of your travel insurance in English or French.
    Travellers are responsible for the following:

    1. To Provide Accurate Information: The travel insurance application needs to be completed accurately.
    2. To Understand Your PolicyTake the time to read and understand your policy.
    3. To Travel With Proof of Insurance:Have your policy number and emergency assistance contact information easily accessible.
    4. To Notify Your Travel Insurance Provider: Provide prompt and timely communication when a claim situation arises and provide all requested documentation related to your claim including all relevant receipts.