Visitors to Canada Insurance Plans

Instant Visitor Insurance Quotes Online

We offer many different types of visitor to Canada insurance, with instant quotes that let you compare plans online and save your valuable time and money.

Make sure you have Visitors insurance while staying in Canada. Avoid huge medical bills resulting from accidents and unexpected illness!

Who Qualifies for a Visitor Insurance Plan?

You qualify for a visitor to Canada insurance plan if:

  • You are not insured nor eligible for benefits under a Canadian provincial government health care plan.
  • You are currently in good health*.
  • You have not been in Canada for more than two years.

This coverage is ideal for:

  • Visiting relatives and friends from another country.
  • Landed immigrants working in Canada.
  • Foreign workers in Canada.
  • Returning Canadian waiting for their provincial health plans to be reinstated.

If you or a family member will be engaging in hazardous activities such as hang gliding, parachuting, etc. Please contact us for additional information

Please feel free to get as many instant, online visitor to Canada insurance quotes as you need! There are various deductible options that can lower your premium.

* If you have a pre-existing condition you can still get coverage depending on the condition and the stability period. Call us for details.

To request a quote, please fill out our online application on our Instant Quote page, or Call Us during business hours at 1-800-387-0339 or 905-493-5060

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